Family Friendly VW Event
10th - 12th August, 2018

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About Us

Photo - The gang!
We are a team of volunteers who are VW enthusiasts and previously got involved in helping out at previous Blackpool Breeze events.

In 2013 we took on the management of the event and we have come back for more.

We do this as a hobby and all have full-time jobs, so please be patient with us if you are waiting for us to get back to you.

Thanks again for supporting this wonderful event and helping to make a difference with your support for our Nominated Charity.

We look forward to seeing you!

Meet the Team

As we said, we're all VW enthusiasts ourselves:

Photo - Hetty at a campsite

The Kerrigans

  • Event Role(s): Security / First Aid Assistance / A little mascot management!!
  • Dub(s): 1987 T25 Devon Eurovette (Hetty)
  • Bio: Bought in October 2013 as a rolling project, she is a bit rough around the edges but with a fab interior. But then aren't we all!
  • History: 1303s Beetle and Passat
  • Other Interests: Great lovers of music and the outdoors, so combining the two in a muddy field is our idea of bliss.
  • Money No Object: Restore Hetty to her former glory. And get more than 20 miles to the gallon!
Photo - Marvin the Dub

Marvin the Dub

  • Event Role(s): My owner's roles are Trade and Gate on the weekend and for her sins, she tries to keep the rest of the volunteers in line!
  • Dub(s): That's me! Marvin the VW T4. I have gone through a bit of a facelift since you last saw me.
  • Bio: I started life as joiner's van, with damp sawdust in every corner, nook and cranny :-(. I was rescued from this life of drudgery and became the project van for my owner and her ex. My owner got to keep me and spent last year finishing off my conversion. And if I say so myself, I am looking mighty fine these days :-).
  • History: This is my owner's third VW campervan, having only got into the VW scene four years ago, but I'm the first that she owns on her own. Also drives a Tiguan.
  • Other Interests: Work is a big factor in my owner's life and around that she fits in time with her dog Millie, occasional weekends away with friends at VW events. She watches a lot of television as well!
  • Money No Object: From my last update I got my new wheels and a respray (I was a pale green before), new black bumpers / trims, new headlights (black background); so don't really know what is left to do...
Photo - The Blakey's Van

The Blakeys

  • Event Role(s): Car Parking and General Duties
  • Dub(s): My stunning T5 2.5 174 High Line that I lovingly renovated over the last 4 or 5 years.
  • Bio: Van started off as a simple conversion that became very un-simple. Have had to replace the engine and completely re-kit the interior. I also enjoy converting trailers into sleeping pods for my kids.
  • History: This is about my 10th VW including Golf (Mark 1, 2, 3 and 4) classic Beetle, Passat, Transporter T4 and Transporter T5
  • Other Interests: I love fixing things and renovating things. I also like flying model helicopters and a bit of off roading.
  • Money No Object: It isn't!
Photo - The Bozz Man with Helga

The Bozz Man

  • Event Role(s): Website
  • Dub(s): T4 Motorhome Conversion (Helga)
  • Bio: Five happy years, nine countries and one speeding ticket (going downhill with a good wind). Good times! Amazing how many bottles of Belgian beer you can stash in one of these and still live in it for another two weeks holiday.
  • History: Nah, but me Dad had a B1 Passat?
  • Other Interests: Drinking, music, comedy, history, politics and a good curry, preferably at the same time.
  • Money No Object: Take a few years out and do the rest of Europe.
Photo - Violet


  • Event Role(s): Entertainment / Infrastructure / Security
  • Dub(s): 1973 Late Bay Restoration
  • Bio: I was rescued in Preston off the back of a DVLA wagon en-route to be cursed for non-payment of tax. Then, following a horrible accident where I was run over by a 40 tonne digger, my owner spent 9 months restoring me to my former glory.
  • History: It's been a few years since my restoration and I've been a member of this family making fond memories. Loads of fun!
  • Other Interests: Plenty of family fun with my girls after work, work, work.
  • Money No Object: Maybe a professional re-spray, an engine rebuild and go travel Europe.

More bios to follow when the relevant parties find time!

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